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In the opera literature we can find several varieties of the title, which inherently belong to the jewels of Czech cultural heritage, to the links that have not lost their topicality, to the beauties which are admired by the whole world. The opera Jenůfa by the composer Leoš Janáček has rightfully obtained such a headline, being the most often staged opera title from the pen of a Czech composer in the world´s dimensions along with Dvořák´s Rusalka. Jenůfa had its premiere in 1904 in Brno, and its fate would make a novel itself. Opera was accepted at first with embarrassment and misunderstanding, as well as the whole personality of its composer Leoš Janáček, but after 1916, when the opera was premiered at the National Theatre in Prague and received technical adjustments by a conductor and composer Karel Kovařovic, Jenůfa became a celebrity literally overnight, at first European, then global. Opera itself represents a significant milestone in the opera literature, when Janáček does not transform the libretto by Gabriela Preissová into the poetic form, and the original prosaic text becomes the essential building block, which is an unproecedented thing at the beginning of the 20th century. Jenůfa will be premiered in Liberec in the end of the year 2016, and in fact after twenty years.

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Conductor: Martin Doubravský

Director: Linda Keprtová

Scene and Costumes: Marie Blažková

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Divadlo: Šaldovo divadlo

Délka představení: 2:35

Čas přestávky: 19:40 a 20:40

Premiéra: 16.12.2016

Derniéra: 28.05.2018

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